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Field Service

Powermec is your first call when requiring a supplier. We are very flexible and amenable to your requirements. We can tailor our response and support to meet every demand, whether large or small.

Many of our multi-skilled technicians are offshore trained and can travel to any part of the globe. Amongst our office-based personnel we have a team of experienced travel advisers who can take care of all (or any part) of the mobilisation process, including any visa arrangements that may be required.


Powermec operate a worldwide technician service providing customers with a great degree of knowledge and experience. The main benefits of this service are to reduce downtime and prolong the life of the engine and the overall efficiency of engine usage. Our technicians examine areas in and around the engines and replace or repair as necessary any components found to be worn or deficient.


The ability of our skilled turbine technicians has resulted in establishing a fine reputation for providing the perfect repair solution for our customers. Add this to our rapid response availability and you will see why our service is so valuable.

Mechanical services:

Level 1 On-Site External Services

  • Preventative and corrective maintenance and inspection performed on the exterior of an installed gas turbine
  • Gas turbine removal and installation
  • Quarterly, half yearly and Annual package and controls inspections
  • Full bore scope inspections
  • Full alignments and alignment verification
  • Troubleshooting all aspects of package and engine problems
  • Gas turbine preservation and shipping

Level 2 On-Site Internal Services

  • Level 1 plus limited internal corrective maintenance and inspection performed on-site. Refer to engine-specific work scopes
  • HPC/LPC Blade/Vane repair and replacement
  • Hot Section/combustor replacement
  • Other internal component replacement - refer to engine specific work scopes

Controls services:

  • Half yearly Service Inspections
  • Complete control upgrades
  • Trouble shooting all aspects of control systems
  • Faultfinding
  • Routine maintenance
  • Calibration
  • CM&U upgrade work

Instrumentation & Electrical:

  • Quarterly, half yearly and annual package and controls inspections.
  • Trouble shooting package instrumentation / wiring.
  • Maintenance / Calibration
  • CM&U upgrades.

Generator services:

  • Servicing
  • Inspection
  • Fault finding Maintenance

Other services:

  • Environmental Monitoring Systems
  • Specialist Welding & NDT
  • Electrical Services
  • Consultancy Services
  • Failure RCAs
ISO 9001 Certified Organisation